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Video: Dr Gerba talks Office Hygiene

Dr Charles P. Gerba, a Professor of microbiology from the University of Arizona, points out the areas we should be concerned about in an average workplace, plus gives some quick basic tips on how to prevent the build up of bacteria and disease.

Dr Gerba’s most recent research uncovers the link between unhygienic workplaces and sickness, and the affect on productivity.

Can you afford to lose productivity? The average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The desk may look clean, but is it really?

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning ServicesCrestclean offers consistent and reliable commercial cleaning services that always leave your premises clean, fresh, and hygienic. Established in 1996, CrestClean has gained an excellent reputation as a capable cleaning service provider. From large multi-site corporates to industrial premises, showrooms, schools and offices, our team of over 1525 personnel clean for over 3000 customers nationwide. Crestclean’s strong corporate operating systems bring discipline to our commercial cleaning services. Our Regional Managers provide the customer interface, ensuring that you receive a consistent quality service from a motivated cleaning team.

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Healthcare Cleaning Services

Healthcare Cleaning ServicesCleaning doctors’ surgeries, medical centres, and healthcare practitioners require stringent hygiene procedures, as well the ability to maintain strong customer communications. CrestClean has learned the particularities of providing effective cleaning for the healthcare sector through years of experience. CrestClean’s management systems are designed to ensure that our customer relationships are efficient, satisfying and enduring. We follow fully documented Quality Assurance Protocols. A formal customer feedback protocol ensures that our high service levels are maintained. We foster long-term relationships with both our customers and our personnel.

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Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning ServicesCrestClean office cleaning is more than just cleaning. Our aim is to create Healthy Clean Workplace environments for an organisation’s customers and staff. Having a clean and hygienic office is the simplest way to improve your workplace environment. It’s not an easy task: Staff eat at desks, they leave food in the fridge, they put their grubby hands everywhere, contaminating touch points: it’s estimated that 80% of infections are transmitted by touch. “Hot Desking” adds to the hygiene dilemma, as do sharing computer mice and telephones. Employers have a statutory requirement to provide clean and hygienic workplaces. A dirty workplace is often cited as a reason why staff leave.

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Manufacturing Cleaning Services

Manufacturing Cleaning ServicesCrestClean teams stand behind New Zealand industry. From large multinational food processors to backstreet local engineering workshops CrestClean teams will keep you clean behind the scenes. Industrial cleaning and factory cleaning is all about compliances. Since 1996 Crest Commercial Cleaning Ltd have developed industry leading systems, procedures and management to ensure that our service meets and exceeds our customers compliances for Health and Safety, Environment, Training and Security. CrestClean provides a consistent standard of service from the same cleaning team on site, with no changes of personnel happening all the time.

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NZ’s Best Educated School Cleaners

NZ’s Best Educated School CleanersCrestClean understands school cleaning. We have been school cleaners since 1996; nowadays we are a major provider of school cleaning services with over 260 school customers, including primary, intermediate and secondary schools throughout New Zealand. “Consistency” is the word that sums up what we believe schools would like most from their cleaning provider. We are talking about a consistent level of cleaning, a consistent level of account management and term cleans performed consistently to the required standard on time. CrestClean has worked hard to develop school cleaning systems and we have established a good reputation as reliable school cleaners.

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Cleaning retail stores, showrooms

Presentation is everything in a retail or high foot traffic environment. Gleaming windows, shining floors and beautifully presented product are all part of attracting people into your space. Customers walk in with dirt and debris off the street…they also bring coughs, colds and the flu; potentially contaminating your environment. Cross contamination is now recognised as a leading cause of workplace sickness, and it is largely unseen. Germs pass from customer to staff, staff to staff, and next thing you have absenteeism. CrestClean utilises colour-coded microfibre cloths to clean hygienically, and Rubbermaid microfibre mops to clean floors expertly.

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Regional News

St Claudine’s Cleanest Classroom

The cleanest kids at St Claudine School with their pizza lunch prize from CrestClean.

The cleanest kids at St Claudine School with their pizza lunch prize from CrestClean.

The kids at St Claudine School are so thankful they won the Cleanest Classroom competition, they made a special ‘thank you’ card for CrestClean franchisees Danish and Aijita Sharma. It was presented the same day the kids received their special prize for winning the competition – a pizza lunch.

St Claudine is a Catholic School in Wainuiomata for years 1-8 students that is one of many schools in the Hutt Valley that are cleaned by Crest. “Dan and Aijita are longtime CrestClean franchisees, but they’ve only been at that school since July of 2013, so it’s pretty new and going really well,” says Hutt Valley Regional Director Clare Menzies. View More >>

Happy Customers at Corys

Franchisees Kamini and Ashveen Raju with Charles Bush, Branch Manager of Corys Electrical Silverdale.

Franchisees Kamini and Ashveen Raju with Charles Bush, Branch Manager of Corys Electrical Silverdale.

Franchisees Ashveen and Kamini Raju continue to raise the bar in CrestClean’s North Harbour region.

Though they’ve owned their Crest business for less than a year, the Rajus have already grown it at an impressive clip without sacrificing quality for quantity, as evidenced by this praise from the staff at Corys Electrical in Silverdale.

In a recent email of thanks, Charles Bush, Branch Manager at Corys Electrical Silverdale, wrote: “I just wanted to pass on my compliments to your team. They are doing a fantastic job here. They work well around us when we are busy, they are polite and the shop is always cleaned to a very high standard.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending you guys to my customers or colleagues.”

Their outstanding efforts have been awarded with a Certificate of Excellence, which are given to all CrestClean franchisees who receive top marks from their Customer Quality Surveys.

North Harbour Regional Director Neil Kumar says, “They’re very positive and hardworking people and I’m so pleased with the great feedback I’m receiving about them. They truly understand the value of quality customer service.”

Onus on Principals Under New Health and Safety Legislation

Villa Maria HSE Site Induction cropped_465

CrestClean franchisees attending a Health and Safety site induction.

New Health and Safety legislation places clear onus on School Principals as “Officers” of their organisations.

The Government’s proposed Health and Safety Reform Bill, due to come into effect in April 2015, attempts to clearly define a set of “Positive Due Diligence” actions to be demonstrated by “Officers” of an organisation, and will require evidence to support these actions.

An Officer by definition “includes any person, other than a Director, who makes decisions that affect the whole, or a substantial part, of the business of the person conducting a business or undertaking.”

In summary, these duties are: View More >>