Accountant’s cleaning record shines

Michael Pran receives his Certificate of Long Service from Grant McLauchlan.

Michael Pran receives his Certificate of Long Service from Grant McLauchlan.

It didn’t take Michael Pran long to figure out that CrestClean is a smart business to get into.

For as an experienced accountant he was used to crunching numbers – and he didn’t need to think too hard about purchasing a small CrestClean franchise in New Zealand’s capital city.

Now seven years later business is thriving and Michael has seen his cleaning company grow nearly fourfold.

By day Michael is the accountant for the Meat Industry Association in central Wellington. But after a day at his desk he swaps his corporate gear for his CrestClean uniform and gets stuck into cleaning offices around the city.

His cleaning company is a family affair. Wife Joytika, the couple’s two sons, Monish and Mitchell, and daughter Melissa also lend a helping hand.

Michael says running his own successful business has brought many benefits.

“Crest has helped me financially. I’m in the process of building another house right now from the extra turnover I’m getting from my Crest business,” he said.

As well as running a large franchise, Michael used to be one of CrestClean’s Regional Trainers. He helped to deliver courses run by the company’s in-house unit, the Master Cleaners Training Institute.

Seeing franchisees excel and grow their own businesses brings him a lot of personal satisfaction.

“I’ve trained about 15 teams here in Wellington. I enjoy showing people the correct way to carry out their tasks.”

He said it was particularly rewarding showing franchisees how to “work smarter and manage their time more efficiently”.

Michael prides himself on maintaining high standards and says it is imperative that franchisees scrutinise their work to ensure their customers are kept happy.

His top tip to franchisees? “Just spend an extra couple of minutes after you’ve carried out a clean to walk around and see that everything is in order and you haven’t missed anything.”

CrestClean’s Wellington Regional Manager Richard Brodie says Michael has an extremely good track record with his clients.
“He is a great example of the highly-qualified personnel who are joining CrestClean.

“Over the past seven years Michael has had a variety of high profile clients, including the Governor General’s residence.”

Richard said he had been impressed by the quality of cleaning. “Michael understands what to do and he nails it, his work is pure quality.”

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