Quality the key as Crest lands more schools

Sharnjit Singh and Mandeep Kaur with CrestClean’s Wellington Regional Manager Richard Brodie at Lyall Bay School.

Sharnjit Singh and Mandeep Kaur with CrestClean’s Wellington Regional Manager Richard Brodie at Lyall Bay School.

CrestClean has been chalking up new school contracts as the company’s shining reputation for quality cleaning spreads throughout the Wellington region.

Richard Brodie, CrestClean’s Wellington Regional Manager, said principals looking for a top-notch cleaning service were learning about the company by word of mouth.

“Principals talk to principals and it’s through pure reputation that we are so successful. We have schools ringing us.

“CrestClean has now got more than 50 schools in the Greater Wellington region and we cover about 40 percent of the primary schools.

“We’ve just taken on the cleaning at Wellington High School. We have five teams there every day and it’s a big contract.

Among the new schools using CrestClean is Lyall Bay School. The work there is carried out by franchisees Sharnjit Singh and Mandeep Kaur.

“They are our first Crest team into the school and they are doing really well,” said Richard.

“The principal is very appreciative of their communications with her. All the feedback we are getting in extremely positive. By primary school standards in Wellington, this is a big primary school.”

Mandeep and Sharnjit have owned their CrestClean business for less than a year and are loving the change in lifestyle their franchise has brought them.

It’s a world away from their jobs working at the Countdown, Newtown. “Having our own business is great and we’re very proud,” says Mandeep. They like the flexible hours and they get a lot of time to spend with their 1-year-old boy.

“The work can be quite hard but the money is really good and Crest gives you a lot of support,” she added. “It gets easier when you learn to work smarter and more efficiently.”

Like other new schools, Lyall Bay staff were treated to “thank you” morning tea, courtesy of CrestClean.

The tea shout is always popular, says Philip Wilson, CrestClean’s Wellington Quality Assurance Co-ordinator.

“We take the food in at the school’s morning tea time and it’s an opportunity for Richard to explain about CrestClean, how we work and how we can help each other produce a cleaner school.

“Richard has a local cafe that he uses for all morning teas and the sandwiches and muffins he gets always go down very well with all school staff!

“At one point last year we did four morning teas in one week – that was a very busy week but rewarding.”

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