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We understand you want the cleanest windows, shiniest floors and sparkling clean surfaces to showcase your products.

When your customers are impressed, and you’re happy, then we’re happy too.

Presentation is everything in a retail or high foot traffic environment. Gleaming windows, shining floors and beautifully presented product are all part of attracting people into your space.


Customers walk in with dirt and debris off the street – they also bring coughs, colds and the flu, potentially contaminating your environment. Cross-contamination is now recognised as a leading cause of workplace sickness, and it is largely unseen. Germs pass from customer to staff, staff to staff, and the next thing you have is absenteeism.

The solution? A specialised cleaning system that not only enhances presentation, but also sanitises workplaces and improves overall hygiene.

The following services can be scheduled on a one-off basis, or built into your routine cleaning services contract:


Window Cleaning from the Ground Up

Crystal clear windows and glass-panelled doors are an important part of making your shop or showroom look clean and professional. All CrestClean personnel are trained in professional window cleaning.

Showrooms and retail spaces with tall glass features are easily handled by our innovative Pure Water Window Cleaning system – a safer, cleaner, more cost effective window cleaning solution for buildings up to 4 storeys high. No chemicals are used with Pure Water Window Cleaning, which is economical and environmentally responsible.

Carpet Cleaning

CrestClean carpet cleaners attend specialised training courses. They are experienced in carpet cleaning and stain removal and use the latest portable hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines.

Hard Floor Care

Polishing and restoring the shine to vinyl floors and other hard floor surfaces is a specialist trade performed by CrestClean’s trained and experienced personnel in each region. We use the latest equipment and high-quality polishes to restore a gloss shine to hard floor surfaces. Our hard floor care maintenance plans keep your floor in great condition by scheduling periodic buffing and polishing, to save you money over time and keep your premises looking professional.

With modern equipment and personnel trained by accredited institutions, CrestClean will bring a healthy shine to your retail environment. Contact us for a quote for any of our retail and showroom cleaning services.


Green Cleaning Service

L-environmental-logoCrestClean has developed a range of Environmentally Responsible cleaning chemicals, which are mandatory for our franchisees to use, all part of our unique, compliant Green Cleaning service. Our cleaners use high tech, colour-coded microfibre mops and cloths that ‘hook’ dirt, using less chemicals, and give especially attractive results on shiny surfaces like glass and tiles.

Crest’s Sanitising Service

CrestClean’s Sanitising Service includes the application of our custom Anti-Viral Sanitiser to specific surfaces that people touch, such as door knobs, door push plates, kitchen areas, taps, microwave ovens, refrigerators, toilet buttons, soap dispensers and hand dryers. CrestClean’s Anti-Viral Sanitiser is a wide spectrum bactericide, fungicide and virucide; effective against: Influenza A (Swine flu H1N1), HIV-1 (AIDS), Hepatitis B & C, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella, E-coli*.

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November 2016
Ready to roll is CrestClean’s brand new Ford Transit.

Eye-catching van the latest addition to our fleet

It’s a CrestClean first and has been turning heads in Tauranga. Carpet care specialist Victor Haupt has taken delivery of this spacious Ford Transit as his business ramps up in the coastal city. With its stunning graphics, the van is the first CrestClean vehicle uniquely dedicated to a carpet care

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September 2016

New job after customer takes a shine to franchisee

Bosses at Hamilton’s Ingham Hyundai have taken a real shine to CrestClean’s Lakshman Jetti in more ways than one. Not only has Lakshman impressed everyone by his cleaning, he’s shown a real talent for selling cars. After convincing several of his friends to purchase a Hyundai from the dealership, Lakshman

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  • CrestClean rescues boss from floor woes

    CrestClean franchisee Murray Kelly demonstrates the floor scrubber to Chris Churchward, Dealer Principal, Autoworld Timaru. Right place, right time proved a win-win situation for everyone and solved an ongoing cleaning headache for a top car dealership. Chris ...

  • Eye-catching van the latest addition to our fl...

    Ready to roll is CrestClean’s brand new Ford Transit.

    Ready to roll is CrestClean’s brand new Ford Transit. It’s a CrestClean first and has been turning heads in Tauranga. Carpet care specialist Victor Haupt has taken delivery of this spacious Ford Transit as his business ramps up in the coastal city. With ...

  • New job after customer takes a shine to franch...

    Lakshman Jetti works alongside Ingham Hyundai’s Dealer Principal Euan Means. Bosses at Hamilton’s Ingham Hyundai have taken a real shine to CrestClean’s Lakshman Jetti in more ways than one. Not only has Lakshman impressed everyone by his cleaning, he’s ...

  • Happy Customers at Corys

    Franchisees Kamini and Ashveen Raju with Charles Bush, Branch Manager of Corys Electrical Silverdale. Franchisees Ashveen and Kamini Raju continue to raise the bar in CrestClean’s North Harbour region. Though they've owned their Crest business for less than a ...

  • Vista Entertainment Show Their Appreciation

    CrestClean franchisee Resham Gurjit Singh and his team have received a thank you gift from their client, Vista Entertainment Solutions, a global leader in entertainment software. A customer since 2005, Vista Entertainment gifted Resham and his team a thank you card ...

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    CrestClean franchisees, Kishorbhai and Varun Patel have an exciting new customer, Extreme Entertainment, a family entertainment complex on Auckland’s North Shore. Extreme Entertainment is a fabulous new facility and boasts two levels of fun for the whole ...

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    The Tauranga on the Waterfront, a leading Tauranga accommodation and conference facility is the first commercial customer for CrestClean chemicals and microfibre systems. 'We have a busy accommodation business and cleanliness is our number one priority,' says ...

  • Let us do your Colours

    Cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses is a leading cause of illness spreading in workplaces. Simply put, cross-contamination happens when the same cloth is used to wipe the toilet and the kitchen areas. We combat cross-contamination by cleaning each area of ...

  • Free Workplace Hygiene Notice

    Click Here to download a PDF memo with a workplace health message. You can print it off and display it where staff take a break, or email it to your colleagues. Research into office environments strongly indicates that improved cleaning can lessen rates of ...

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    1697 personnel in New Zealand alone.
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    4230 Business and education customers in New Zealand.
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    Total hours worked in the last 12 months.

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