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Property Caretaking

Crest PropertyCare provides a reliable and self-managing caretaking service to schools, businesses and organisations.

Our property caretakers are trained to operate safely, and to carry out their tasks minimising any risks.

All services are undertaken with Site Specific Health & Safety systems.

We look after…

  • Lawns
  • Grounds
  • Facilities Care
  • Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Recycling
  • Boiler Operation
  • Pool Care
  • Water Blasting
  • Scheduled Duties

A new approach to caretaking

Crest PropertyCare offers reliable property caretaking and maintenance services to building owners, tenants and organisations.

We can help maintain and present your property and grounds to high standards.

As a division of CrestClean, Crest PropertyCare is backed by NZ’s most admired cleaning company, servicing more than 4,000 kiwi customers all around the country.

We provide a consultative quotation: Caretaking and maintenance tasks are defined and ordered into a schedule of duties, with regular, seasonal and periodic tasks. The schedule of duties forms the basis for an annual service on a contract arrangement.

Crest PropertyCare has a documented Health and Safety system based around the core duties and tasks undertaken. We assess the Site Specific risks and build in controls to minimise any danger to our customers, the public and our personnel. We provide comprehensive Health and Safety documentation.

Our caretakers have a trade background. They are trained in the safe operation of their equipment and to carry out their tasks whilst minimising any risks.

Our property caretakers are:

  • Self-Managing to a Schedule of Duties
  • Health and Safety Compliant
  • Security Vetted
  • Competent and Responsible

Call us today, and we will make a time to visit your property or premises.

Caretaking for Schools

Crest PropertyCare provides schools with a viable alternative to directly employing a caretaker.

The traditional caretaker has become an anachronism these days, and many existing caretakers are operating outside of the current workplace Health and Safety compliances. All too often hazardous tasks are being performed by people without the correct equipment or risk controls.

“The caretaking duties can be packaged together to operate on a  contract basis with a similar budget as having a direct employee which won’t cost you any more than having a direct employee.”
Ramendra (Ram) Kumar, Operations Manager

Kelston Intermediate School. Principal Phil Gordon is pleased with Maeke Kiteao’s progress.

CrestClean’s Property Caretaking service has been launched at Auckland’s Kelston Intermediate School. Principal Phil Gordon is pleased with progress. CrestClean already cleans the school and Mr Gordon can already see the benefits of having Crest PropertyCare manage property maintenance services as well.


Some tasks are best left to outside contractors, with the caretaker working around the hazardous tasks. For example, working at heights beyond access and short duration works is deemed a high risk activity, and proper working platforms must now be used. So working at height is best left to contractors who have specific Health and Safety training and the correct equipment to undertake these tasks.

We supply a trained and capable person who is introduced to the school and inducted to the tasks identified in the schedule of duties. Time is set aside for repairs, maintenance and attending to incidents. The schedule of duties forms the basis for an annual service on a contract arrangement.

We document a tools register to ensure you have all the required and certified equipment, and we can assist the school to manage the sale or disposal of the old, non-functional equipment. We also clean up the caretakers’ areas, sheds and storage areas.

Our caretakers have a trade background. They are trained in the safe operation of their equipment and to carry out their tasks without endangering school children or staff.

Additionally, all our caretakers are trained in the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 and are security vetted with Ministry of Justice background checks.

From a Health and Safety point of view, the principal and Board of Trustees can have confidence that there is a set of compliances around caretaking tasks.

CrestClean takes a consultative approach to establishing this role, and we work with you to come up with the appropriate package to suit your school’s requirements.

For further information about how we could assist you with caretaking at your school, please contact your local CrestClean Regional Manager or use the form below.


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